Road construction traffic signs

Reno is no stranger to road construction zones and these areas are much more hazardous to drivers than a regular road. There are barriers, changing traffic patterns, lane closures, speed reduction zones, and many other obstacles for drivers to navigate. According to National Workzone Safety, there was an estimated 102 thousand work zone crashes in 2020.

Common Causes of Road Construction Car Accident

There are three most common types of car accidents in road construction zones. These include:

  1. Rear-end collisions – these are by far the most common
  2. Sideswipes
  3. Collision with a stationary object, such as a barrier

Speed was a factor in more than 25 percent of fatal work zone accidents. Other factors include driver distraction, like texting or eating, and aggressive driving. A work zone is one of the worst places to drive aggressively. Traffic patters change regularly and often lanes are merged in already tight spaces.
Rear-end collisions are the most common type of accident in a construction zone. This is caused by drivers following too closely (tailgating), speeding, or unsafe lane changes. When you are driving in a construction zone, always watch your speed, look for lanes that have to merge, and leave at least one car length in front of you.

Tips for Driving Safely in a Construction Zone

The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) offers these tips for driving safely in and construction zones:

  • Take time to plan your route: Check your traffic apps and listen for any traffic info or warnings on the radio. Updates are very frequent during high traffic drive times.
  • Be aware of changing traffic patterns: Construction zones change often, and the route you took yesterday may have different closures or merges today.
  • Buckle up: Wearing your seatbelt is the best way to protect yourself in a car accident.
  • Don’t drive distracted: Your texts and phone calls can wait. When you are driving through a construction zone, you have less room to maneuver around other vehicles, especially large trucks. Put down the phone and pay attention.
  • Don’t tailgate and don’t speed: Keep a safe distance from the vehicle ahead of you and follow the speed limits. Speeding and tailgating are the top causes of work zone fatalities.
  • Obey warning signs and road crews: They’re there to help everyone on the road move safely.
  • Stay calm and be patient: Construction zone workers are improving the road so your future drive will be smoother. Plan ahead so you are not in a rush.

What To Do if You Do Get in a Car Accident in a Construction Zone

If you do find yourself in an auto accident in a work zone, pull as far off to the side as possible and call 911. Before you file any claims with your insurance company or the insurance company of the at fault driver, meet with a personal injury attorney. Matt Dion and Associates specializes in representing car accident victims to make sure they get full compensation for their injuries and damages. Our tenacious attorneys have the necessary skills to advocate for you after a construction zone car accident to help you file a claim and get the possible amount of compensation.