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In the wake of a bicycle accident, the path ahead may seem filled with uncertainty, questions, and concerns. Your well-being, both physical and emotional, becomes the top priority. It’s crucial, however, to recognize that you have rights, and understanding them can make all the difference in your journey to recovery and justice.

The Reno bicycle accident lawyers at Matt Dion & Associates can guide you through this challenging time. Hiring a dedicated Reno bicycle accident lawyer can significantly impact your life post-accident. We’ve secured millions in settlements for our clients. For over three decades, our legal experts have been dedicated to aiding accident victims in securing rightful compensation from negligent drivers or liable parties responsible for their injuries. We can provide a free case evaluation and explain your legal options.

Reno Bicycle Accident Lawyer Legal Services

Bicycle accidents are tragic events, often leading to severe injuries for those involved. A Reno bicycle accident lawyer can assist victims in seeking the justice they are due. We can file claims with insurance providers and pursue lawsuits on their behalf. This can help cover medical bills, lost wages and any additional expenses caused by the crash.

We work to secure damages for losses, including:

  • Medical expenses (past, present and future).
  • Coverage for ongoing care, physical therapy and rehabilitation.
  • Lost wages due to the accident.
  • Damages for pain and suffering experienced.
  • Compensation for permanent injuries or scars sustained.
  • Punitive damages.
  • Reimbursement for any out-of-pocket expenses.
  • Ensuring you receive the highest value for a totaled bike or vehicle.
  • Payment for the repair of any damaged parts.

Matt Dion and Associates represents clients throughout Reno and its surrounding area. Our lawyers specialize in personal injury cases caused by truck, motorcycle, bicycle and car accidents caused by negligent drivers such as distracted, reckless, drunk and aggressive drivers; as well as representing victims of dog bites, slip and fall accidents, brain injuries and wrongful death claims.

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A BIKE ACCIDENT Legal Team on Your Side

We conduct comprehensive investigations for every case and formulate a winning legal strategy. Our team comprises esteemed medical and industry specialists. When it comes to your bicycle accident, you deserve a team of experts who are well-versed in the world of bikes. Our collaborative effort involves:

  • Expert trauma doctors
  • Neurologists with specialized knowledge in head injuries
  • Skilled chiropractors
  • Forensic engineers with a focus on accident analysis
  • Proficient bicycle, car, truck and motorcycle mechanics
  • Accident reconstruction analysts with extensive experience

During trial proceedings, these seasoned professionals provide compelling testimony drawn from their years of expertise and profound insights into bicycle accidents and related injuries. Our ultimate goal is to optimize your recovery and help you return to a sense of normalcy in your life.

Top Reno bicycle accident lawyer Matt Dion and his team specializes in analyzing accident sites, medical information and evidence. A bike is shown on its side near a car crash.

    Dedicated Nevada personal injury & Reno Bicycle Accident Lawyers 

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    Understanding Your Rights After a Bicycle Accident

    First and foremost, it’s essential to understand your rights as a victim of a bicycle accident in Reno, Sparks and the surrounding areas. Nevada laws provide avenues for you to seek compensation for injuries resulting from someone else’s negligence.

    It’s critical to keep in mind the 2-year statute of limitations in Nevada. This is the window of time within which you must file a personal injury claim. Failing to do so within this timeframe may jeopardize your ability to seek compensation.

    The Nevada statute of limitations for personal injury resulting from negligence starts two years from the date of the incident. It becomes the duty of the injured party to start the claim process within this two-year timeframe, commencing from the precise date of the accident or the negligent act. To protect your right to compensation, you must either resolve your claims or initiate a lawsuit within the two-year period following the negligent act. It’s best to begin gathering evidence of the accident as soon as possible.

    Identifying Liable Parties in a Bicycle Accident

    Determining liability is pivotal in pursuing a successful personal injury claim. Potential liable parties in a bicycle accident include negligent drivers who may have caused the collision, entities responsible for poorly maintained roads or bike lanes, and in some cases, bicycle defects. Talk to a Reno bicycle accident lawyer for an expert opinion.

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      Preserving Evidence to Strengthen Your Case

      To build a solid case, it’s critical to gather and preserve evidence. This includes collecting witness statements, obtaining the official accident report and documenting your injuries and property damage. Each piece of evidence plays a vital role in supporting your claim.

      Be sure to record medical treatment, expenses related to an injury sustained in an incident and any damages suffered as a result of it – this will allow us to fight for maximum compensation available to you. 

      If possible, take pictures of the accident scene from multiple angles and in different lighting. This will provide a more complete understanding of how it occurred and may assist in establishing liability. Also take photos of property damage such as skid marks or fluid leakage from vehicles involved.

      After an accident occurs, it’s crucial that you maintain a daily log of pain levels and symptoms to enable us to demonstrate the true impact of injuries on quality of life during a claim against those at fault.

      By keeping track of all the work you have missed due to injuries, keeping records can help establish lost wages. Furthermore, receipts or invoices related to prescription medications, transportation costs or home modifications you might require due to injuries should also be saved as they will provide valuable evidence against wrongful claims for compensation.

      Insurance companies are notorious for using various tactics to force injured victims to admit liability or settle for less than they deserve. By following these tips and consulting with a Reno bike accident attorney, you can avoid falling prey to their schemes.

      If you become a client of Matt Dion and Associates, we Reno bicycle accident lawyers will help you with this process. Get a free consultation now.

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      Matt Dion has been consistently named among the Top 3 Personal Injury Lawyers in Reno since 2019 by the independent Three Best Rated. Their review team chose the top three using a rigorous 50-Point Inspection which includes everything from checking reputation, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, nearness, trust, cost and general excellence. 

      Matt Dion, Reno NV Personal Injury Attorney
      Reno, Nevada Personal injury Attorney Matt Dion


      Matt Dion did an excellent job with our case. He has a depth of knowledge of the way the insurance industry operates. We greatly appreciated his responsiveness to our inquiries and his attention to detail. He was very good at explaining each situation. His staff was well-trained and helpful. We were very pleased and highly recommend Matt.

      Helen N.

      Dealing With Insurance Companies

      Dealing with insurance companies can be daunting, but it’s a critical step in the process. Insurance claims can be complex and fraught with challenges. This is where a knowledgeable attorney can be your greatest ally. They will handle negotiations with insurance companies, advocating for your right to fair compensation and protecting your interests. It’s important to be aware that insurance companies may employ various tactics to minimize payouts, which makes having an attorney on your side all the more crucial.

      With nearly a decade of experience representing prominent insurance carriers, Matt Dion made a profound shift in his career, dedicating himself to assisting injured individuals in their pursuit of rightful compensation from insurance companies. Drawing from his unique insider perspective, he leverages this invaluable knowledge to shield his clients from the strategies employed by insurance companies and defendants, ensuring they don’t settle for inadequate offers.
      Matt’s primary objective is to provide you with a sense of security, knowing that you are in the hands of a seasoned professional. His mission is to streamline the process, making it as seamless as possible, so you can obtain the maximum compensation you deserve and regain control of your life.

      "He is a true expert and gave me a realistic outcome and timeliness. I highly recommend his legal services."

      — Daphne
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