Client Testimonials for Matt Dion & Associates

After working with hundred of individuals going through personal injury cases and walking them through what to do after getting into an auto accident we are excited to share some of the things our clients have said about us.

Personal Service for His Clients

My husband and I were involved in a three car accident. I was the passenger in our car. An out of control truck struck my side of the car just inches from my head. The impact was significant and I was taken by ambulance to the hospital. I eventually had to have spine surgery as a result of the accident.

We interviewed two personal injury attorneys. Matt Dion was our second interview. From the moment we talked to him, we knew he was the one for us. He came across as professional, confident, knowledgeable, honest, aggressive, and caring. As we moved along with our case, he was all of the above and more. He kept us informed every step of the way.

If you have been injured in an accident, call Matt Dion. He will provide you with the very best personal service and advice during your recovery.

― The Martins

Excellent Attorney

I hired Matt following an accident that I was injured in. I can’t say enough good things about Matt and his assistant Alisha! I was apprehensive about hiring an attorney after I had hired one here in town for another case who took advantage of my case and a lot of his other clients that caused him to be suspended. Matt and Alisha were very professional, supportive, and kind. Even if there was a setback or delay in my case they would let me know. They would always return my calls or emails right away. I highly recommend Matt Dion & Associates!

― Jamie

A Lawyer with Integrity

I hired Matt Dion to handle the auto insurance company, following an accident in August 2018, after I was rear ended. He was personable and honest. I felt like I could trust him as my attorney. When the insurance company offered far less than we were expecting, due to the lack of medical bills that I had accumulated, Matt honored the amount that he originally told me. He gave me the full settlement offered by the insurance company, and his firm covered my medical bills. I highly recommend Matt and his team.

― Anonymous Client

Dedicated & Caring

I honestly had the best experience from start to finish. I was referred to Mr. Dion’s office from a coworker. I am so happy that I chose to go with his firm. I was rear ended at a stop light a last year. The damage on my car were minor, but my symptoms got worse over time. It was about a year later when I seeked further treatment and then met with Mr. Dion. Life happens and I am a mother who is use to putting myself on the bacl burner. But the symptoms were affecting my daily living. After seeing a specialist and doing all the testings, I realized how expensive all of this was and it was all because of that accident. With my car damage being minor I knew the insurances would think there was no way I could’ve gotten injured. I had a herniated C6-7, EMG nerve test showed my nerves on the left greater than right showed abnormalities. I have numbness down both arms and in my fingers. I was ok prior to the accident and I do not do any type of activity that would put me at risk for this kind of injury. I first spoke with Alisha, and she is completely amazing and super helpful! She schedule me to see Mr. Dion right away. The initial consult, I was convinced that I wanted Mr. Dion in my corner to fight for me. He comes off straight forward in a way that he earns your trust and NOT in a way that you feel like he is just a lawyer taking another case.

You just know after talking to him he is the right person to be in your corner. I think my case took all of maybe 4 months from my first call with their firm. I could be off a month give or take. They worked so quickly and kept me up to date each step of the way. It also helped that I had all of my treatments all under one umbrella. During this process I need surgery as my symptoms were really affecting my daily life and work. The last thing I needed to worry about was this case and Mr. Dion made sure of that. He made sure all I needed to worry about was having my surgery and to recover. It was so incredible to have one less thing off my shoulder.

I truly had the best experience with their firm and every chance I get I will refer to Mr. Dion. To have to go through a car accident is hard enough and you want someone on your side who has your best interest at heart. After a worry free process with my case, Mr. Dion settled my case. I can’t thank Mr. Dion & Alisha enough for their hardwork.

― Anonymous Client

Excellent with Auto Accidents

Matt Dion is a very thorough and competent professional, who I felt always had my best interests in mind. Matt kept me informed of the legal process and what to expect from the insurance company. He never got frustrated with my delayed responses, because of my hectic work schedule and a family crisis . He is a true expert and gave me a realistic outcome and timeliness. I highly recommend his legal services. He is a good guy!

― Daphne

A Partner in Your Claim

I was referred to Matt by a friend, and he lived up to the recommendation. He was patient, compassionate and very honest. He’s a great listener and just the right amount of aggressive. He really made me feel like I had a caring and compassionate partner during a very traumatic time. He really represents what lawyers should be! I can strongly recommend him if you’re looking for someone who will listen, take the time to work with you and really partner to help you get a fair settlement.

― Anonymous Client

Instilling Trust

After my car accident I was so stressed because the lady who was at fault put a claim on me when she was given a ticket. I was left with my brand new car that only had 6,000 miles totally destroyed and a shoulder surgery. I needed to find an attorney who I could trust. Matt Dion was the second attorney I met with, and as soon as I left his office I new he would be the one to represent me. I was right!! He is the best attorney I ever had to deal with before.and I would do it again.

― Anonymous Client

I would recommend Matt to friends and family alike.

Matt Dion helped me resolve my car accident case quickly. It was not really an easy case because the insurance company said I “had a previous accident with injuries and a pre-existing age-related degenerative condition.” The initial settlement was next to nothing. Matt Dion did his job and was able to help cut down medical bills and then also was able to get a little bit more from the insurance company. He was very patient with me and explained things to make me feel better, as I got pretty emotional.

― Nellie

An Exemplary Lawyer 

I was referred to Matt by a friend, and he lived up to the recommendation. He was patient, compassionate and very honest. He’s a great listener and just the right amount of aggressive. He really made me feel like I had a caring and compassionate partner during a very traumatic time. He really represents what lawyers should be! I can strongly recommend him if you’re looking for someone who will listen, take the time to work with you and really partner to help you get a fair settlement..

― Anonymous Client

Matt Dion and staff were AMAZING!!!

I want to thank Mr. Dion and staff for all the hard work they did for me after my car accident. I was always kept well informed and they are very friendly and Mr. Dion will always make time to answer any questions you may have. I would truly recommend Matt Dion if you ever need a lawyer.

― Romona

Great Job, Best Team

The first time I had a car accident and I don’t know what to do. So a lot of people told me to seek an attorney. Went to a website for the list of attorneys that handle personal injury and found Matt Dion & Associates. A little bit hesitant but decided to call them. I got an appointment right away and met the team. Thank God I got the right choice to meet Atty. Matt Dion! I don’t have any regrets. Kudos to Alisha too, for keeping me updated. I really appreciate what you have done for me. Awesome job! Keep up the good work!

― Anonymous Client

I’m glad I went with Mr. Dion

After I was injured in a car accident, I was referred to Attorney Matt Dion. I went to his office and he explained everything to me. I knew then that I found the right attorney. He was straight forward; he connected me to an experienced doctor. I didn’t have to worry about any of the medical bills, including the hospital bills, just like he said in the beginning. I was under a lot of stress & asking questions, and Matt was always there to answer them. They were polite, considerate, and I was satisfied with the results. Mr. Dion and his staff are an excellent team!

― Mark

Easing the Stress of the Legal Process

Matt and his staff were wonderful through this entire legal experience. It is never a pleasant thing to go through, but if I had to do it again I wouldn’t go to anyone except Matt Dion and Associates. They were always helpful, responsive and thorough. Matt handled everything for me and made things much less stressful.

― Anonymous Client

The Best Accident Lawyer

After I was injured in a car accident I was referred to attorney Matt Dion. I went to his office where everything was clearly explained to me. I knew I had found the right attorney. He connected me to a great doctor and I didn’t have to worry about any of the hospital or medical bills. He got me the maximum settlement possible and I received the check much sooner than I expected. Thank you Mr. Dion for truly fighting for me, and thank you to the staff. You are an excellent team.

― M. Woods

Great Injury Attorneys!!

I was involved in a multiple car accident back in 2013. I didn’t know much about what to do in such an incident since it was my first accident. A friend recommended seeing Matt. That day I went to the ER and ended up having to go to a chiropractor for my back and shoulder injuries. After about six months of treatment and therapy I ended up not having to worry about any expenses and my case was closed. Matt and the office made sure I was well taken care of and kept me informed during every step of the process. I left very happy at the end and thankful for making the decision to go with him. To anyone not knowing what to do after an accident or any type of injury, call Matt and you will definitely be happy with the results.

― W

Job Well Done

I hired Matt after a car accident in 2015. Matt worked hard to get a fair settlement for me. He was very professional, and a pleasure to work with. He always kept me well informed of everything that was happening with my case.

― Margaret

Highly Recommend 

I could not have asked for a better lawyer then Matt Dion, I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to settle their case!.

― Anonymous Client

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