Do I have a personal injury claim?

Suffering a personal injury can be painful and costly, but it does not necessarily entitle you to monetary compensation. There are factors that determine if you have a viable personal injury case that is likely to result in a settlement or court award.

First you need to consider whether or not someone else was negligent in connection with the incidents that led to your injuries. Negligence is the legal concept that governs liability in most personal injury cases, including those stemming from a car accident or a slip and fall. It means the defendant’s failure to use reasonable care caused your injuries. If you were also negligent, the laws in Nevada might reduce the amount you can recover or bar your claim all together.

Another key issue is whether there is sufficient money to pay a settlement or court judgement. If the defendant who caused your injuries has insurance coverage, as is the case with most car accidents, you might be able to recover damages up to the policy limits. After that, a defendant might have to sell assets, such as a home to satisfy a judgement. But if the defendant has no insurance and has little in the way of assets, your valid claim might not be worth pursuing.

An experienced attorney like Matt Dion can help you assess the viability of your potential claim.