Should I settle with the insurance company?


Certain injury claims are bound to involve an insurance company. In those cases, it is safe to assume an insurer will make a settlement offer at some point. After a car accident, the offer could come from your own insurance company or it could come from the other driver’s insurer.

In a slip and fall or dog bite claim the settlement offer will likely come from the company that insures the defendant’s home.

Every personal injury case is unique – when an insurance company makes its first offer to settle, that’s almost certainly not the company’s best or last offer. Accepting the insurance company’s offer might be in your best interest, but keep in mind that insurance defense attorneys are highly motivated to settle the case for the lowest amount possible. You can expect them to make a series of low ball offers, especially if you haven’t retained a lawyer or if you’ve hired one who’s inexperienced and unproven.

The experience of Matt Dion and Associates can help you determine whether accepting your insurance company’s settlement offer is your best choice.


Should you take the first settlement offer?

In most cases, no, the first settlement offer from an insurance company is typically not their best. It’s common for insurers to make a series of lower offers, particularly if you’re without experienced legal representation.

How do I negotiate a cash settlement with an insurance company?

You have to understand your claim’s value, present a strong case, and be prepared to reject low offers. Retaining experienced legal counsel, like Matt Dion and Associates, can also increase your chances of being awarded a fair settlement.

Do insurance companies always offer a settlement?

While not guaranteed, it’s safe to assume that insurance companies will likely make a settlement offer in injury claims. The nature and timing of this offer can vary case by case.

What happens when you reject an insurance settlement offer?

Rejecting a settlement offer allows for further negotiation, but it may lead to a prolonged process or even a court case. It’s advised to consult with a seasoned attorney before making such decisions.

How long does it take for an insurance company to offer a settlement?

It may take weeks or even months. The timeframe can vary widely depending on the specifics of the case. Having a skilled attorney can help expedite this process and ensure your interests are well-represented.