What is a contingency fee & how does it help clients?

What is a contingency fee?

Those who have been injured in an accident, may be unable to pay out of pocket for legal assistance. Fortunately, using a contingency fee makes it possible to retain experienced and reputable attorneys to defend them without paying an expensive retainer. This is called a contingency fee agreement. Under a contingency fee agreement, the client pays no upfront fees or hourly rates for legal services. Instead the attorney agrees to accept a percentage of the resulting settlement or court award. If the client does not attain compensation, the attorney does not get paid.

Contingency fee agreements are common in personal injury lawsuits, medical malpractice claims, and other cases that could end with a lump sum payment. The standard rate is 33 percent, but may vary, especially when a suit proceeds to trial.

It’s important to understand that your attorney may or may not advance other costs of litigation including filing fees, document preparation costs, and expert witness fees.

If the case concludes successfully, an attorney who has financed the litigation recovers those costs as well as the fee. But if the case fails, you may have to reimburse the attorney for those expenses. Still a contingency fee allows you to hire an attorney to support your personal injury claim without going further into debt.

How a contingency fee could help you

When you’ve been injured in an accident, you might have a pile of medical bills and may have lost income from missed work, so you’re probably not in a position to go out of pocket for legal assistance.  Fortunately you can retain the experienced and reputable attorneys at Matt Dion and Associates without paying an expensive retainer because of a contingency fee agreement.


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Matt is AWESOME!!! What else can I tell you. He helped my dad (81 years old) when he was rear ended and had a stroke. Matt has intergety, he is hionet and...
The entire team at Matt Dion & Associates are extremely nice, kind and attentive. Always provided next steps and when to expect an update! I couldn’t be happier with our outcome! Thank you very much!!
I found Matt Dion through a careful search of information and references on Yelp. A dog attack left me with several surgeries and a variety of...
Normally, I would not contact an attorney; however, the person who hit me gave me bogus insurance information, my medical bills were piling up, and I was...
Wonderful experience working with Matt and his office! I will definitely be recommending him to family/friends in the future.
Matt Dion and his team are helpful and professional. They explained the process along the way step by step when I was overwhelmed and recovering from a car accident. They were also very patient with me as I was working full time and going to school while recovering, and took a while to get paperwork over to them at times. If you need help from someone who is honest and will do the right thing, Matt and his team are it!