Looking At Some Restaurants In The Reno Area

Restaurants In Reno Nevada To Visit On Vacation

The Biggest Little City in the World is home to over 734 restaurants. This article is going to cover five of the best ones. What brings you to Reno Nevada? Many people visit Reno for its casinos, but there are all kinds of things to do there. One thing for sure is it’s going to be helpful knowing the best places to grab a bite to eat. Here are five of the top restaurants in Reno Nevada.

Looking Inside A Restaurant in Reno NevadaWet Hen Cafe is located at 3979 South McCarran Boulevard, and it is a good breakfast or lunch spot. One thing the Wet Hen Cafe is known for is homemade cookies. Biscuits and gravy, apple pie and clam chowder are a few other menu items served up there. Reviews mention that the cafe features daily specials, so that’s good to know. Wet Hen Cafe is also said to be a cute dining establishment.

Wait until you see the sandwiches served up at Manhattan Deli. Located at 3800 South Manhattan Street, Manhattan Deli is known for its matzo ball soup as well. You can also order up a Salad Louie, cheesecake and much more. As you can tell, lunch is the best time to stop for a meal at Manhattan Deli.

Restaurant in Reno

The Brew Brothers is located at Eldorado Resort Casino. That’s one thing about the best restaurants in Reno. You will actually find some of them at the casinos. Specifically located at 345 North Virginia Street, The Brew Brothers is known for pizza, bison burgers, nachos and all kinds of pub food. This would be a great dinner spot, and the restaurant is said to feature a great atmosphere.

The next Reno dining establishment is Island Buffet. It is located at 2707 South Virginia Street, and it is known for seafood, prime rib, pizza, fried chicken, gelato and more. How many crab legs do you think you can eat? It is a buffet after all, so you might as well give it your best shot.

Now it is time to visit Black Bear Diner. This diner is located at 2323 South Virginia Street, and it is known for serving up delicious comfort foods. One of the menu highlights is a favorite of mine, country fried steak. Two other favorites of mine are also served up there, pancakes and burgers. The reviews say to expect large portions, so prepare to eat well when you visit Black Bear Diner. I wonder if the country fried steaks are as big as the ones in Texas.

I have been a vegetarian for almost a month now while fasting according to Jewish customs. It is going to be interesting to see if I stay a vegetarian after the fast. Before the fast, country fried steak was my absolute favorite food. Is it one of yours? The prime rib and crab legs sound good, too. You will find great meals at these top restaurants in Reno Nevada. Are you ready to see what you are going to get to experience when dining in Reno?