Big rig truck on the highway viewed through the windshield of a car

How to Avoid a Truck Accident on our Reno Highways

Truck accidents can often be some of the most severe that we see as accident attorneys in Reno. A seemingly simple rear end accident or side swipe with a semi truck can be devastating and may result in severe injuries.

The growth of Reno and the logistical nature of our city positions our area for a higher probability of truck accidents. We have two major converging freeways that are popular thoroughfares for semi trucks doing long hauls across the country. And with the increase in online shopping and contactless delivery because of COVID-19, the number of delivery trucks on the road has increased dramatically.

The good news is that most truck accidents can be avoided if we are more careful and aware when driving around trucks. As a truck accident attorney in Reno, Matt Dion has seen his share of at-fault truck accidents and the damage they can cause, but he has also seen many accidents that could have been avoided if the car driver had taken a moment to consider their behavior around these big vehicles.

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when driving around a big-rig truck that will keep you and the truck driver safe and avoid a truck accident:

  • First thing to remember is that these trucks are big and heavy. They need much more room and time to stop than a normal car.
    • When changing lanes, ensure a safe distance before pulling in front of a truck;
    • Remember trucks have a significant blind spot;
    • Do not pull in front of a truck if you anticipate that you will need to slow or bring your car to a stop, such as right before a light or on an offramp.
  • Give trucks plenty of space. Drifting by the truck driver due to drowsiness or inattention is a common cause of truck accidents. It is important to give trucks plenty of room, because if they do start to drift, you will not be in the path of harm.
  • Do not hang out in a truck’s blind spot. A good rule of thumb is that if you can’t see their mirrors, they cannot see you. These trucks are long and tall and while they can see most of their surroundings with mirrors, there are four distinct blind spots on a semi truck:
    • Left side, under the cab mirror;
    • Right side, under the cab mirror and extending out;
    • In front of the truck cab, at least 20 feet; and
    • Behind the trailer, at least 30 feet.

Truck Blind Spots Infographic

  • Do not tailgate. Remember, big-rig trucks do not have rear view mirrors and cannot see you if you are dangerously close behind them. Also they are much taller than the common passenger vehicle and can block your view of traffic in front of you. If a truck stops suddenly and you don’t, your car could go right underneath their bumper.

As a truck accident attorney in Reno, Matt has seen his share of personal injury as a result of car vs. semi truck, but we can all do our part on the road to avoid these incidents. Be aware, give trucks space, don’t cut them off, avoid blind spots, and don’t tailgate. Let’s all do our part to keep our highways safe. If you are, however, injured as the result of a truck accident, we have the experience to help.