lawyer explaining settlement vs lawsuit

When you are injured in a car accident or as a result of someone else’s negligence, it is your legal right to seek compensation for your injuries, medical expenses, and lost wages. Most personal injury claims will involve an insurance company, whether it is the responsible party’s or yours, or a combination of the two. The main goal of the insurance adjuster is to settle the claim as quickly and for the least amount of money possible.

Most lawsuits are filed because insurance companies fail to offer fair compensation to the injured claimant. Settlement of a claim should always be pursued, however lawsuits are sometimes necessary if the settlement offer made by the insurance company is unfair. It is your lawyer’s role to negotiate damages on your behalf to ensure you are offered fair compensation. A settlement allows you avoid court and get the money you deserve faster.

It is important to hire an experienced trial attorney that is interested in the fair settlement of a claim and will work with you to get a reasonable settlement offer. A lawyer willing to file a lawsuit and go to court usually has the muscle necessary to obtain the best settlement offer from the insurance company. You will want to work with an attorney who also understands the need for a lawsuit and is not afraid to file a lawsuit if the insurance company continues to be unreasonable throughout settlement negotiations.

Filing a lawsuit does not automatically mean you will end up in court. The insurance company can still opt to make a fair settlement offer and settle the case without the need of actually going to court.

At Matt Dion & Associates we know the difference between a fair settlement and a lousy offer and we are not afraid to file a lawsuit to obtain just compensation for our clients.