When should I hire a car accident attorney?

No matter how safely you drive, you cannot control how other drivers conduct themselves. Most accidents are caused by distracted drivers who simply fail to pay proper attention to the roadway conditions, drive too fast for those conditions or who are talking or texting on a cell phone. We drivers fail to pay attention, accidents happen.

The injuries sustained in a car accident can cause long term pain and suffering and can result in medical bills, lost wages. The pain and stress following a car accident injury can affect your enjoyment of your daily activities and quality of life.

What steps should you take after an accident or injury?

If you have been injured in a car accident, you should immediately alert the police and paramedics if necessary. If it is safe and you are able, take pictures of all the cars involved in the crash. Do not however put yourself in more danger by trying to take pictures of the crash. Exchange driver’s licenses and insurance information with the other drivers (your cell phone can be used to take pictures of the other driver’s license and insurance information).

If there are witnesses to the accident, request their contact information and ask them to provide a witness statement. If the police are called to the scene and you are asked to write a statement, provide a thoughtful and detailed account of the facts of the car accident.

Why do car accident injuries appear in a delayed manner?

Often after a car accident, there is a rush of excitement and adrenaline. Because of these changes in hormones, you may not immediately realize you have been injured, or if you are injured the extent of your injuries may not yet be obvious. It is common for the initial pain to incur only hours after the crash.

If you are injured, please seek medical attention promptly. A delay in treatment of your injuries could make them worse and compromise your claim. When seeking medical treatment for the first time after a car accident, or when seeing a new doctor for the first time, tell the doctor about all the injuries and complaints you have suffered post-accident no matter how small they may seem. This will allow your doctor to better assess your injuries, document your complaints, and provide you proper treatment. Tell your doctor if your injuries are interfering with your normal daily activities, causing a disturbance in your sleep, or causing you to miss work.

When should I contact an attorney after a car accident?

After you have seen a doctor, but before you speak to an insurance company (including your own insurance company) you should consider hiring a car accident lawyer. Insurance companies are not interested in fairly compensating you for your injuries. Their interest is to settle your claim for as little money as possible. Often these offers of settlement from insurance companies are made before you’ve had time to consider the seriousness of the injuries and before you know and understand the length time you will be in treatment, the nature of your recovery, and the cost of your medical bills.

Once you’ve settled an insurance claim it is too late to seek additional treatment or compensation no matter how serious your injuries are, or whether they were undiagnosed at the time of settlement.

How can an attorney help in a car accident injury situation?

Matt Dion and Associates will help you file your car accident claim. Your attorney will help in a car accident injury situation by reducing your stress, ensuring that you are treated fairly by the insurance company, and by seeking the all compensation you are entitled to by law. A good attorney will also work to ensure you receive fair compensation for all your pain, suffering and inconvenience.

If you are unsure whether you need a lawyer, contact Matt Dion and Associates and schedule a free consultation. In most cases, attorney fees are contingent upon the settlement of your claim.